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Raising Money for New Live streaming PC

About this Fundraiser

The MCI Radio Team found it necessary to build a new Live Streaming PC. The old Live Streaming PC couldn’t handle the taxation of simultaneously running Stereo Processor Software, Automation Software, Automated FTP Software and NAS Software applied to the CPU... Find Out MORE

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Uplifting Music

The main mission for this station's existence is be a blessing to the Christian community by playing Godly Christian music.

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Christian Encouragement

Since Jesus spoke His verifiable truth to listeners of His generation, His words are as penetrating today as when they first fell on the ears of the original audience.

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Conservative Christian Content

Broadcasting God's message of love and redemption with programs designed to support conservative family values and strengthening personal spiritual life.

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Bill Nye invited to the Ken Ham Noah’s Ark Project

Ken Ham's Ark Encounter theme park will be opening next week to the public. An invitation to the park has been extended to TV presenter Bill Nye who has expressed criticism of the project.

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Faces of Recovery 

"Watch the amazing transformation of Donnie Barnes as he goes from being a hopeless drug addict to becoming a face of recovery. Donnie now leads the Men's and Women's Schools of Discipleship here in Rockford, IL. Visit for more information."


Manna Christian Radio is a global Christian internet radio station with a vision of reaching the world with high quality streaming through all device platforms.

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