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Bill Nye invited to the Ken Ham Noah’s Ark Project

Ken Ham's Ark Encounter theme park will be opening next week to the public.  An invitation to the park has been extended to TV presenter Bill Nye who has expressed criticism of the project.

A religious fundamentalist who believes that Noah took dinosaurs on the Ark is set to open a Christian theme park to the public on 7 July. Employees of Ark Encounters must sign a statement of faith saying that homosexuality is a sin and that the world is 6,000 years old. Scientists believe that planet Earth is at least 4.5bn years old.

"I ask people how do you know the universe is billions of years old? I mean you don't see a label on it," Ham said in a Saturday Night interview.

According to Australia, the replica ark, which was entirely privately funded, is seven stories high, about 220 yards in length, and has taken the title of the largest timber-framed structure on Earth. Ham calls it “one of the greatest Christian outreaches of our era” and expects his Ark, positioned right in the middle of Kentucky next to the interstate, to attract two million visits a year after it opens in July.

“[Ark Encounter is] the most wholesome, family-friendly God-honoring facility around.”

“You sort of have to pinch yourself and say this has actually been built.”

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TV presenter, Bill Nye, has reported that the Biblical account of Noah's Ark is harmful to children but a tour of the theme park may help to open his eyes to the world of creationism. 

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