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Why Christian Internet Radio?

Why Christian Internet Radio

For the first time in American history, more than 1/2 of teenagers and twenty year olds are un-churched and mostly not interested in “Contemporary” Christianity.  We know that mainline denominations are waning in attendance, that government is increasingly secularized, and that entertainment mediums are less likely to reflect a Judeo-Chrisitan worldview.  We know that America’s schools are largely void of spiritual or even moral education and that “tolerance” is increasingly the only tolerated religious belief in the public square.

Why is radio so compelling that most every American family has six radios and spends hours per day listening to it? It is, like broadcast TV, a free and over-the-air medium. Unlike TV, however, it is a more “psychological medium.” It draws out the listener’s imagination, emotion, and sets a creative stage in the theatre of the mind more than TV because we feel the need to picture what we are hearing, to guess at the DJ’s face, to respond to the spirit of the music, and react to advertising messages that beg us to intersect our lives with the advertiser’s product.

So one obvious question is how best to utilize this powerful medium for the Kingdom of God.

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